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1. What is roaming and how does it work?

Anytime you go abroad and use your mobile phone you incur charges.

When you enter a new country your phone connects to the local phone network(s), this is called roaming. The new operator (visited network) will now handle the calls you make and receive. Rather than charging you for their services the new operator charges your home operator (your home network, e.g. O2, Orange UK , etc.) who passes this expense onto you on your next bill.
You could find yourself paying up to £2 a minute just to receive a call while you are abroad.

2. On what phone can I use this SIM card?

You can use the Bazar Traveller SIM on any mobile phone which is unlocked.
If you are unsure whether your phone is locked try inserting a SIM card from another network into your phone. If it works normally, your phone is unlocked and ready for your World Traveller  SIM card. If a message such as ‘SIM card restricted’ appears you will then need to unlock the phone.

3.  I want to buy a Atozcalls Traveller SIM. How do I do this?

You can call our sales line on 07938733085 or purchase online at Atozcalls.com

4. How do I unlock my phone?

You can speak to your network operator to obtain the unlocking code or you can unlock most phones at  from £3.99.

5. When can I start using the service?

Once you have purchased, the World traveler SIM, you need to activate the SIM before you can start using it.

6. How do I use the SIM?

Once you have inserted the SIM in any unlocked phone, you will be asked to enter your PIN.
Your PIN can be found on the SIM pack (where the SIM is attached)

7. I have lost my PIN. What do I do?

In case you have lost your PIN or you are not aware of your PIN, please contact customer services on 07938733085

8. Do I need to top-up my SIM to use it?

Yes,You need to have some credit in your SIM to start using it.

9. I have entered an incorrect Pin and now my SIM is blocked?   What do I do?

Remember, In case you enter your PIN incorrectly for more than 3 attempts, it would block your SIM.
To unblock your SIM, you would need to call customer services on 07938733085
Our customer service representatives would provide you with a PUK code to unlock the phone.You can now use this PUK code to unlock your phone.

10. Can I reset my PIN?

Yes, You can reset your PIN.
Also, when you unlock your phone, using a PUK code, you can enter a new 4 to 6 digit PIN number for future reference.

11. I have just inserted the SIM, Do I need to select a Network to start using the SIM?

Once the SIM is validated using correct PIN, it picks up the strongest available network. In UK, it generally picks up Vodafone network.
However we recommend that you manually change the setting to select Orange network.
Generally in most of the countries, it auto selects the strongest network, however if no network is selected, then you need to select a network from the available network

12. What networks are available?

To find the list of available networks, please click on COVERAGE to find the available list of networks.

13. Am I now ready to make a call?

Once you have validated your PIN and selected a network, all you need to do is check your balance / credit.
You need to ensure that you have sufficient credit before you can start using the SIM.

14. How do I check my balance?

You can check you balance by dialing 803 from your phone or by sending a blank text message to 803
You will receive an SMS from Seven telecom, informing you of your current balance.

15. Does it cost to check the balance?

NO Checking your balance is absolutely FREE

16. How to use the service?

Please note that the call making procedure for the SIM is different from the normal procedure.
To make a call, you need to follow the following steps. 1. To place a call, the destination number has to be always entered using the complete country code. e.g. to call 07519802281 , you need to dial the number with the full country code i.e.  07938733085 or + 07938733085 and press the call or send button.
Note : In certain countries or using some handsets, you may have some difficulty in making a call,       As such, you need to a. Press*126*102 b. Enter the destination number that you wish to call c. Press the # key d. Press the “Call or Send” button
e.g. *126*102 * 07938733085#  and press the call or send button.

17. What happens next?

There will be a short pause, with no sound or line tone. Your phone may (depending on handset model) display an on screen message saying “Thank you for using the service. Your call will be connected soon.”
After few seconds, your handset will ring and when you answer, you will hear a voice message saying “Please wait while we connect your call”
You will then hear a normal ring tone and you will be connected to the number you dialled. When finished – please hang up as you would normally.

18. Can I send text messages?

The World Traveller SIM card allows you to receive/send texts.  Text messages sent to your World Traveller SIM UK mobile number, will be received free of charge.
When sending texts, make sure you key in the full country code and destination number.
Prices for sending SMS can be found by visiting RATES

19. My SIM is not working, What do I do?

For us to help you understand this, we would like you to check the following to help us resolve your issue.
Check List :       a) Have I activated my SIM? b) Can I see any network on my phone? c) Do I have any credit?
If the answer to the above question is NO, Please contact our customer service representatives on 07938733085
If the answer to the above question is YES, Please check the following a) Can I make a call? b) Can I receive a call? c) Can I send a text? d) Can I receive a text? Remember: If there is NO balance, none of the services will work.
1. I cannot use ANY of the above services If you cannot use any of the services, then you need to manually change the network that you are on to use the service.
2. I can receive a call however I cannot make a call. If you can receive a call and not make any calls, then you need to manually change the network that you are on to use the service.
The complete list of networks that can be selected to use the service can be found at COVERAGE
Note : If you have difficulty Calling From T-Mobile to our Global Sim, Please go to main Setting on Your Phone, PDA Smart Phone or IPhone and change carrier setting manually from T-mobile to Orange.

20. People are unable to call me while I am roaming using the World Traveller SIM?

If the above problem occurs, then you need to manually change the network that you are on to use the service, However still if people are unable to reach your number, then please following these instructions
1. The caller needs to report a problem with their service provider.
2. Alternatively, you can contact us on our customers services number and we would provide you with and alternate number.
Cost for calling the alternate number may vary.

21. How do I top-up?

You can top-up your SIM by using any of the top-up options mentioned below
a. Purchase a World Traveller Recharge card.    Once you have purchased a world traveller recharge card, simply follow the instructions on the back of the card to top-up your SIM.
b. Visiting Atozcalls.com
c. Calling customer services by dialling 80416 from your world traveller Sim or by dialling    07938733085 from any other phone.

22. How do I use the recharge card?

Once you have purchased a recharge card, please follow these instructions to top-up
1. Scratch off the panel on the recharge card to get your top-up voucher PIN
2. Enter the voucher PIN on your phone (phone which contains the world traveler SIM) and press the “Call or Send” button
3. You will receive a confirmation via sms

23. How much does it cost to use abroad?

Using the World Traveller SIM card service abroad will save you hundreds of pounds in roaming charges.
Receiving a call is FREE in more than 80 countries. You can also save upto 90% on your mobile phone bills when travelling abroad

24. Will I save money even after the new EU roaming price caps?

YES! Even after the new EU regulations come into effect to prevent mobile networks from charging extortionate rates we will provide a substantial saving on most of your international calls.

25. What mobile number will I receive with my new World Traveller SIM?

The SIM card originates in the UK . You will get a UK mobile number, starting with +4479
You can also get a UK landline number. To find out more about this, please contact us on our customer services numbers.

26. Can I keep my UK mobile number?

No, unfortunately international number portability is not possible.

27. Does the SIM card/credit expire?

The Sim and credit do not have an expiry date. However if you do not use / top-up your SIM, there may be a small monthly fee

28. When do the charges start?

You will start to pay once the call is connected.

29. Will it be expensive for others to call me?

Not at all. Calls made to your World Traveller SIM number vary depending on the network that you are using. Typically, it will cost not more than 19p per minute at peak times from BT landline.

30. Can I have a local number for the country that I am travelling to?

YES We provide you with an international number which is a UK mobile number i.e. 078 series
We can assign multiple numbers to your SIM. However, the cost for calling the new number assigned to you may vary.
Upto date 

31. Is there a short code for customer services

YES, There is a short code that you can use from your World Traveller SIM to contact customer services.
The short code for calling customer services is 80416. The number is connected to 0044 208 028 0111 (customer services number)

32. How much does it cost to contact Customer Services?

Our Customer Services number is a UK landline number. Calling customer services is charged at the normal rate of calling a UK landline number depending on the country that you are in
The short code for calling customer services is 80416. The number is connected to 07938733085 (customer services number)

33.What is call forwarding?

Call forwarding is the easiest way to redirect all incoming calls from your phone to any fixed line or mobile phone number you select. You will only be charged the above rate to forward a call to any fixed line or mobile phone.

34. How to set up Call forwarding?

Setting up call forwarding is very easy

Please follow these steps to set up call forwarding 1.    Send the following text message to 80416 i.e.divert  << destination>> e.g. If you want to forward all calls from your world traveler sim to 07938733085 Simply send the following text message i.e. divert  07938733085 to 80416
Once your request is received, you will then be sent a text message confirming the same. OR   Alternatively you can call us on customer services to set up call forwarding

35. Is there any additional cost to set up call divert?

No, there is no additional cost to set up call divert, you simply pay the price advertised above. To check the price to forward a call to a particular destination, please use the above rate calculator.

36. How to disable Call forwarding?

Disabling call forwarding is very easy Please follow these steps to disable call forwarding 1. Send the following text message to 80416 i.e. divert off to 80416
Once your request is received, you will then be sent a text message confirming the same. OR Alternatively you can call us on customer services to disable call forwarding

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